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Don't be boring

Eco-friendly swim shorts for men that embody the spirit of summer with our fun designs. Take your pick from our range of summer ready styles all made from 10 recycled plastic bottles.

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Show off your colours

Which ever print you choose, express yourself and have fun.


We are proud to say that your SVIM shorts are made from recycled polyester produced from 10 plastic bottles each. That's plastic that was spared from ending up in a landfill or on the beach, helping to give a second use to single-use plastics.


We encourage you to wash our packaging away, down the drain. No really, you can! Like magic, these bags really disappear without a trace and more importantly they do not harm the planet.


Because life can be too serious at times. SVIM promises to bring some fun and joy to swim shorts with creative and whimsical patterns. Look good, with no excuses.

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