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Let's Go SVIM

Hey You! Thanks for stopping by.

SVIM was born in 2021 in the great city of Hong Kong with the single goal of blending together the perfect mix of creativity, style, fun and sustainability when it comes to men’s swimwear. We want guys to be comfortable in shorts that can be worn all weekend long.

Our logo not only reflects the vibrant colours of the sea but also expresses our fun, playful and mindful ethos.

SVIM is for the cheeky man who loves to express his body confidence on the beach, by the pool, or out and about in various activities, wearing bold, bright, whimsical patterns. 

We believe that men should express themselves however they want, being far from ordinary.

SVIM reconnects you to a sense of joy. Do you remember that feeling when you first got sand in between your toes, or felt waves swirling around your feet?

But, with fun comes a serious side. In order to keep enjoying Mother Nature we must protect her. SVIM aims to be 100% sustainable.

We use fabric made from recycled plastic bottles for all of our swim shorts. We ship in a kraft recyclable box and pack your goods in a water soluble bag. Read more here.

Let's do more to protect our home... because there is no Planet B.

With that said, how about we go SVIM! See you at the beach.

Don’t forget to tag us @mysvimwear #SVIMClub in your Instagram feed or story to be featured on our page.

Our limited edition launch collection is now available.

Aptly named First Dip, choose from five styles you'll love and enjoy wearing. Choose from our fun designs perfect for the beach or pool. Let's go SVIM.